HS English B

Course Description: This course will be structured around the three primary genres of literature: drama, prose, and poetry. Students will read a diverse range of award-winning classic and contemporary works. We’ll discuss plot, character, literary elements, and methods, and they’ll write a handful of essays and complete one research project. Students will be expected to participate in class discussions by contributing their own thoughts, ideas, and questions. Since we’ll be acting out scenes from the plays we read, it will be necessary to have a handful of brave students willing to participate!

Prerequisites: This class is designed for upper-level high school students who are capable of critical thought, participating in discussions, and writing academic essays in MLA format. Students must have a gmail account with Google Drive, as this is how most work will be submitted and graded. 

Expectations/Homework: There are four primary elements to this class:       

  • Assigned reading: Students will have something to read almost weekly, so it’s imperative to keep up. Since everything overlaps, falling behind on reading leads to falling behind on everything else. 
  • Response questions: I’ll post critical thinking questions each week related to whatever we’re reading. Answers need to be substantive, meaning they need to have some substance to them. Short answers won’t be given as much credit as longer, thoughtful answers. Response questions need to be turned in by Wednesday evening to receive full credit.           
  • Several academic essays and one research project           
  • Semester tests

A book list will be posted by early August 2022. Poetry and short stories will be provided.