About Jennie

By trade, I’m a journalist. My first byline appeared when I was 16 years old and a high school student at GPS in Chattanooga. I attended Middle Tennessee State University, where I was editor of the university paper and studied both journalism and physiology.

After several years working in communications for a nonprofit and writing a weekly column for the city paper, we moved to Texas, where I took a position as a features writer for Amarillo Magazine. I also edited and designed a coffee table book about the Green Bay Packers, an experience that made me a fan of the team and franchise.

We eventually moved back to Tennessee, and that’s when we began our homeschooling journey. In addition to home education, I continue to be a freelance journalist, currently for West Knoxville Lifestyle.

In my spare time, I read and write fiction. (I earned a master’s degree in creative writing.) I’m also a runner, amateur photographer, and serious Anglophile. Below is a photo of me feeding the swans in Stratford-Upon-Avon, a few blocks from William Shakespeare’s birthplace.

I’ve been teaching at homeschool co-ops and online for seven years. Read more about my family and me at JennieCreates.com.