Easy English Info

Class Policies

Late work: As a homeschooling mom, I know that life gets busy, people get behind, and work piles up. I’m extremely understanding about turning in late work as long as students and/or parents are in communication with me. I am less understanding when deadlines are missed without explanation.

Cell phones: Please keep cell phones and other devices tucked away during class time. They are a huge distraction and we only have 55 minutes together once a week.

Taking notes: Some tests are open-notes, so unless you have a perfect memory, it’s useful to take notes during class. Please know that tests are NOT open-cell phone, so if you have a habit of snapping a photo of the board at the end of class, that won’t help you at test time.

Class discussion: Not everyone feels comfortable speaking up in class, but I encourage everyone to voice his and her opinions, to ask questions, and to contribute new ideas. No one, including me, wants to hear me talk for 55 minutes. That being said, I require only the utmost respect and courtesy at all times. Whether in agreement or discord, every voice matters.