Updates for Everyone

Notes on the Fall Semester

  • Every class page has been updated with a general syllabus and book list. Please, do not feel pressure to purchase all of the books at once. They are listed in the order we’ll read them, and I’m highly communicative about next steps throughout the semester.
  • Each student needs his/her own Gmail/Google Drive account (or access to a parent’s Gmail/Google Drive) by the first week of class.
  • Tell me BEFORE our class meeting if homework is going to be late so as to not lose points. (The more you communicate with me, the better.)
  • Please wear a mask in class until the co-op removes the mandate. By attending in-person classes, you are agreeing to follow the co-op’s rules.
  • If you feel sick, please stay home.
  • If ever you feel lost in class or confused by the work, please be in touch. I am here to help!