Info You Need to Know

My Plan for Online Classes

Posted Friday, March 20: As of today, I plan on recording short lectures and uploading the audio to each class page with corresponding notes and links. We won’t FaceTime or meet on Zoom. We’ll save that technology for the classes that truly demand an in-person method of teaching.

I will post assignments by Tuesday evening so students can work on things Wednesday to Wednesday. If we’re able to return to classes in mid-April, then we’ll be all set to gather having missed nothing.

Students are always welcome to contact me for help – email, text, Google Doc, etc. I am highly accessible, so there is no reason for any student to meander in confusion. Reach out if you need to.

Finally, if you haven’t heard the news, I am currently caring for my father who’s been diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of heart cancer. While the COVID-19 quarantine is highly inconvenient for a multitude of reasons, I have delighted in the silver lining: all the cancellations of March and April events have opened up my calendar to focus on Dad. I’ve been able to take him to treatments and spend hours with him each afternoon. Of course, I wish none of this was going on – no worldwide virus, no rare cancer – but this is the hand we’ve been dealt. I am trying to find the small joys where I can. I hope you are too.